Apples & bananas 

monkey see monkey do is in full affect in my house lately. I highly believe in you are your child(ren)’s first role model, and that their childhood affects how, who they will become as the grow up. 

So you can say I was pretty proud when my little ones seen I was having my healthy breakfast shake this morning and wanted some of their own! We went to the kitchen and threw some things together & made their shakes, & they loved them! The kids were quite for a good 20 minutes, then wanted refills. I have posted the recipe below if you would like to try it!


Kid approved!

Apples & bananas 

  • 1 banana peeled
  • 1 apple cored with skin
  • 1 handful of cucumber slices 
  • 1 TBSP peanut butter 
  • 1 TBSP cinnamon 
  • 8 oz. of 1% milk

Chopped apple into smaller chunks, then add all of your ingredients into the blender. Blend until smooth. Then add ice to achieve the desired thickness and blend. Then serve and enjoy! If using a straw I suggest a wider straw.

More ice equals thicker shake, less ice equals less thick.  


Depression, anxiety, & exhaustion

For most of my life I have dealt with depression, anxiety & the feeling of being tired & lazy. Finally after what feels like a life time, I had my follow up appointment to hear my results from my sleep study. What came next did not surprise me one bit, I have Obstructive sleep apnea due to my over bite & big tongue ha ha. My options the doctor recommended for treatment were
1. CPAP (continuous positive air pressure) Machine
2. A dental appliance I would have to have made by my dentist
3. Have surgery on my jaw to correct my over bite which won’t be fun, eating through a straw for some time & could take up to a year to recover from!

So I went with the CPAP and last night was my first night with it. I did wake up a lot since it will take some time to get use to having something on my face, but that being said I only woke up 5 times instead of my body waking out of REM to breath 49+ times a night. From what the doctor says I stop breathing 7 times an hour!
I feel much better this morning it’s amazing how much better I feel, I don’t feel like I can’t wake up or stay awake, and I believe once I get use to it and I’m not waking up at all I will feel completely better!
I’m so excited to have this help me become a better mom & wife. Also to be more active for myself and my kids.

Did you know sleep apnea could contribute to & be the cause of

  • constant tiredness
  • poor concentration
  • morning headaches
  • depressed mood
  • night sweats
  • weight gain
  • lack of energy
  • forgetfulness
  • sexual dysfunction
  • frequent urination at night

Sleep apnea has also been linked to a number of other health conditions, such as:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • obesity
  • heart failure
  • hypertension (high blood pressure)

I hope this information helps someone, living with sleep apnea is hard, so I will post a link below for a sleep apnea quiz for if you think you may be suffering from sleep apnea also.

Sanity is overrated!

Okay okay, I’m sure some people are sane, But honestly are any of those mothers? Or is it just me that is insane & feel that sometimes I can’t handle?
I’m a 25 year old navy wife/stay@home mom/aspiring photographer I have 2 little minions Caiden 3, and Avery almost 2. I feel overwhelmed/stressed a lot, I mean they are everywhere, they scream, cry, make the living room look like the a freaking tornado just came through. I mean how does one keep up with it all, keep your sanity & not let your dreams of a cIMG_3898.JPGareer not slip away!

Yet all of their craziness and no matter how much they make me look like a walking zombie bc they come first, I love them to pieces and it seems each day is an adventure, where I try to keep us all feed, clean and alive! So, that being said a lot of my post my me be rambling about they craziness they bring into each day and how I somehow make it through!

Are there other mother’s out there that feel this way? I give props to the mother’s that also have a job or that are single!

Wasting my time wondering what if

I’m not certain about much of my choices I have made in my life or how they have affected and will continue to affect my life,. like not going to college after high school and before kids, So I could have a career and help my little family,. or relationships including friends, and choices I have made pertaining to those.
What I am certain about in my life is that no matter the choices I have made, they lead me here, to the husband I have & the sweet little minions we have brought into this world. the love that I have for them as they have for me and my amazing family that I have been born into & the amazing family I have married into! Each day I am slowly opening up to learning about myself and not being as shy. A lot of things aren’t certain in this life, friends for one they come in and out of our lives some stay some move on some you keep in touch with some you are regrettably wondering if some of your life choices have made it to where you are barely holding on to those relationships as they each day are slipping away. I’m happy with my life as is, my problem is what career and how to get there to better our lives. some things I’m also for sure of is I have a new-found love of lipstick, and iced coffee and when I drink it, that it will give me energy. other than those things, there is a lot left a mystery & I am needing to let go & stop wasting my time wondering what if!9778_10203149665689093_8525774793177141252_n